Boots the Clown

More about Boots

Boots was once asked by the most recognizable of all Clowns in the world, “Ronald McDonald” at a parade "Boots why did you become a Clown?" I begin to tell him the story of my wife Michelle and her battle with cancer, which she eventually lost, and how sick she became with it, and how sick one of my Boy Scouts had become around that same time, and how she needed to help his family. With all the time the parents were spending at the hospital, this left little time at home for meals for the others, so she had me load her in the car as sick as she was, and drive her to the store and buy groceries for this boy's family, so they could have meals to eat. That little bit of help brought the largest smile to everyone faces that day. The lesson I learned was it doesn't matter how bad your day is, or going, somebody has it far worse than you will ever have it, and that's why I became a Clown!

I don’t Clown for the recognition or any awards I do it for the smile on a child's face. The next time you see Boots at a parade, or whatever event it may be, pay close attention to the left label of his costume! His wears a Pink Pig in Honor of His Late Wife Michelle Clift. Boots has attended the Northeast Clown Institute to help improve his Clowning stills. His very first clown competition, his Clown nose fell off causing him to have to juggle it to keep from losing the nose, the crowd laughed so hard he won second place over all in the Florida Shrine Clown association (FSCA) and top rookie clown honors for that year’s competition. During the international Clown Association (ISCA) Boots placed 2nd among another clown from around the world. Boots has been humbled by his peers by being selected as not only as Egypt Shriners Rookie Clown of the Year for 2016, but 2017 Egypt Shriners Clown of the year. “Thank you all for this honor, I am a very humble person”, “and most of all, a clown at heart”. “Everyone is a Clown at Heart”

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